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Wedding Photography – Our Approach


Sonrisa Photography – Our Approach to Weddings

As wedding photographers, we try to be who we would like to hire ourselves. We’d want wedding photographers who have a distinct eye, are fun, easy to work with, and committed to getting amazing shots.  We’d want photographs that show who we are and would later evoke memories of our wedding day.

And that’s who we are. We are wedding photojournalistic shooters, capturing everything that happens with a distinct eye, but we are also able to create elegant portraits and group shots of your family and friends. We are always looking for opportunities to capture unique, candid photographs that will tell the story of your wedding in unexpected ways. Within this commitment to excellent images, we are also who we are, fun, easy-going, and hard-working. Our goal always is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera so the real you will shine through.

The Team Photography Concept

Part of our approach is the team concept.  As a husband and wife team we believe that we have an advantage on getting truly amazing photographs.   We know each other, our shooting tendencies and what equipment we are using at any given time. This allows one of us to know what the other is doing at all times, and with this synchronicity we are able to capture photographs that complicate each other and provide brides and grooms more variety in their images.

It’s difficult to sum up a photographic style in words, so we’ve loaded our website with many, many samples of our work. You’ll find these not only in our samples pages, but also on our blog and slideshow pages. We also have many samples printed in our studio.

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