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The Two Wedding Photographer Advantage

Why Two Wedding Photographers?

The idea of two photographers is understandable. More photos equals more memories captured and more choices for albums, but until you see what two photographers are capturing at nearly the same moments, the true effect of two cameras going at the same time is only conjecture.  Two photographers is especially advantageous when the two photographers know each other well and know what lens each is shooting with. Lenses make a big difference on the what a shot looks like (more on that in another post).

Here are samples from a Beach Wedding in Cambria California.  In this sequence Shari is the lead photographer, in this case lead means she is out in front, while I am trailing behind — on purpose, I didn’t get left in the dust.  I am shooting with a long lens and Shari a slightly wide to normal lens.  These shots show why it is fun for us to shoot together.  It clearly shows the effect of a professional team of photographers can have working in sync with each other.

Wedding Photography Samples Set #1

The first set shows an advantage of two cameras when the action is happening in two separate places.  I am with the bride (Brady) and her father and am able to capture a nice moment between the two of them before they walk down the aisle, um, sandy beach.  Meanwhile, Shari is at the ceremony. She is able, within ten seconds, to first get a shot of the maid of honor and best man walking in and then turn and capture a shot of the Ben (the Groom) as he waits for Brady to step into view.

If there was only one photographer, one of these moments, probably the touching moment between Brady and her father, would have been lost.

Two wedding photographers

Wedding Photography Samples Set #2

Here’s another moment captured from two angles.  This one also shows the difference in lenses. Shari took the  shot of Brady and her Dad with the blue sky and clouds with a “normal” (not wide, not zoomed in) setting on her lens.   A moment later I was able to step in from behind and grab a shot of Ben being happy to see Brady. With my long lens the background came forward to make Brady and Ben slightly closer than they were. Obviously, if one of these angles were missing there would have been a missed moment or two.

Two Wedding Photographer Advantage

Wedding Photography Samples Set #3

Here’s the kiss. Shari got two shots from behind, one wide and one close while I got a wide view from the front. As the photos are laid out here you can image this as an album page, a much more dynamic album page than there could be with only one photographer.


two photographer advantage

Wedding Photography Samples Set #4

This sample needs no explanation.  It really happened so fast we were lucky we were able to get it. And were literally a fraction of a second different here.

Two wedding photographer advantage